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Recognizing family law issues and divorce is fraught with tension and can be emotionally challenging. The Law office of Melissa Needle ensures personal attention and dedication to each of its clients.

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The Law office of Melissa Needle is a boutique Fairfield County law firm located in Westport, Connecticut whose practice is exclusively dedicated to divorce and family law. Attorney Needle believes in order to provide her clients with the most current and accurate information, she needs to have a narrow focus. Her concentrated practice allows her to keep up with the constant changes in the law and legal process. Attorney Needle recognizes that her clients rely on the information and advice she provides and she wants to ensure its accuracy and relevance to your situation.

Attorney Needle's uniquely focused practice and decades of experience in all aspects of only Connecticut divorce law is the foundation of her skills and allows her to provide the best service for her clients' needs. She has significant experience handling high net worth cases and protecting her clients' rights as a parent as well as their property, assets and interests.


Family law issues and divorce is fraught with tension and can be emotionally challenging. Attorney Needle has built her success through dedication and understanding each of her clients' needs and goals. Attorney Needle intentionally limits the number of matters she handles at any given time to ensure every client receives the personal attention and dedication they need.

Attorney Needle is proactive in her communications. Her clients are always informed about the status of their case and any exchange of information is immediately forwarded. Attorney Needle is cognizant of your anxiety and returns calls promptly, typically on the same day.

Attorney Needle establishes a close working relationship with her clients resulting in strong and effective representation as her clients are making informed decision. If you find yourself facing divorce or other family law issues please contact the Law office of Melissa Needle today.


Attorney Melissa Needle is a lifetime resident of Connecticut. She was born in New Haven and grew up in Fairfield. She has worked her entire career as a divorce attorney in Connecticut. Throughout her life and legal career she has compiled an excellent network of experts and professionals to call upon depending on your needs. Her network of professionals and experts include:

  • Psychologists (for psychological testing and custody reports)

  • Forensic Accountants

  • Tax professionals

  • Valuation experts

  • Private Investigators

  • Forensic Computer Analysts

  • Vocational experts

  • Substance abuse experts

  • Trust & Estate experts

Attorney Needle believes her ability to cater a team of professional to specifically address your situation provides her clients with a unique advantage that will provide the most favorable chance of reaching a successful outcome to your family law or divorce matter.

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