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Making clients understand how their choices and behavior can impact their family law and divorce issues.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Be completely honest with your attorney.

  • Make duplicate copies of financial documents such as tax returns, bank/brokerage statements and credit card records.

  • Change all security settings and passwords.

  • Be leery that spyware software may have been installed on your computer.

  • Check with history of internet sites visited on home computers.

  • Document how much time you spend with your children and the specific activities you do together.

  • Document your spouse's unusual and/or nasty behavior.

  • Be patient, divorce can be a slow, frustrating process.


  • Do not withhold information from your attorney.

  • Do not engage in unnecessary emotional arguments with your spouse.

  • Do not use emotional language in electronic communications.

  • Do not involve children in the divorce proceedings.

  • Do not argue with your spouse in front of the children.

  • Do not say negative things about your spouse to your children or within earshot of your children.

  • Do not leave personal journals and/or emails where your spouse can access it.

  • Do not sign any documents unless you consult with your attorney.

  • Do not allow emotions to control legal decisions.

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